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We are Josh and Ingrid Hill, the humans behind Cordova Farms. We work hard each and everyday to raise happy healthy animals on our Montana farm. Running a farm is some of the most rewarding work we have ever known, and it can be oh so humbling! We are the fourth generation on our farmland, with Josh’s Great-grandfather’s bunk house still standing on the property from his homesteading start. We are very proud to be continuing the family’s stewardship of the land.


Just as we love for our customers to know their farmer, we think it is great to know about our animals and why we choose the animals we do. We choose to raise predominantly heritage breeds on our farm. Heritage breeds are historic breeds that have been around for centuries and were bred for their ability to adapt and thrive in specific environments. These breeds have many genetic traits which make them adept at foraging, breeding, and naturally resistant to parasites and disease. These qualities allow us to raise our animals with little interference from us, free of antibiotics, and out on pasture. We believe in raising happy healthy animals treated with dignity and respect. Thank you for joining us on our farming adventure!


The stunning gentlemen in the picture with us are our Livestock Guardian Dogs. Our Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGD's) are some of the most important workers on our farm! They allow us to safely raise our animals out on pasture. While many farmers and ranchers need structures in order to keep their animals safe from predators, we have Louie and Otto. Lou and Otto work tirelessly day and night chasing predators away from our pastures. We could not raise our animals the way we do without them.

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